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Our values

We have a loyal network of satisfied staff thanks to our shared values.

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Our industry is complex. We meet unexpected challenges daily and solve them creatively and resourcefully. Building relationships with residents takes time, trust, and dedication. Every day, we’re impressed with the staff in our care homes who lead with kindness and proactivity.

Our people come to us because they want to make a difference in the lives of others. We seek out professionals with this mindset because it fundamentally aligns with our values too. We know that our teams are what drives the service we provide; they're at the forefront of everything we do.

Our approach

Our holistic approach to business, work, and community sets us apart.

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Just like our residents, we regard our team members as a whole: skills, strengths, challenges, responsibilities, goals, and motivations. We recognise our staff are humans with lives outside of work, and we’re determined to support them and lift them up so they look forward to each shift.

We take on novices just starting out in their care career as well as seasoned professionals. Through Sfera Care, you get access to training opportunities, certifications, qualifications, and experience on the ground that defines the next stage of your career path.

SferaCare Benefits

If you want to help others feel happier in life, you’re in the right place.

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We firmly believe that it’s people who make a great care home. Excellent company culture is the result of happiness across our entire network.

We achieve this by:

  • Listening to your goals and helping you grow.
  • Ensuring you have the skills and tools to thrive.
  • Making you feel safe and heard at work at all times.
  • Helping you balance work and life to live happy and healthy.

Our Core Values

Here’s why residents, families, and local authorities trust us.

Careers at SferaCare

Driven by success,
powered by people

Message from the founders

It’s about more than allaying your fears. It’s about looking forward to the next chapter.

Our home hero

We challenge that traditional care home model. Sure, there are key approaches and processes that are tried and trusted, and we always offer a reliable, familiar service. But we’re interested in breaking the mould, finding new solutions, seeing new perspectives, and adapting to give our residents, their families, and local authorities the best experience.

It’s all about community—how we work together and empower one another. Sfera Care aims to provide central hubs for staff, residents, and everyone else involved. This is how we cultivate happiness in the world of each of our residents.