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We’re redefining the traditional care home model.

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Home means so many things to one person, and every person is unique. How can we possibly cater to the myriad needs of our residents if we follow rigid protocols and traditional processes?

Our support systems need to be fluid and adaptive if we want to succeed. Our objective is clear: to create a positive care home experience for all involved, residents, their loved ones, and the local authorities that oversee the lives of vulnerable people in our communities.

We combine tried and trusted traditional methodologies in our care home settings with creativity, innovation, and an open-mindedness that means we see opportunities when others only see closed doors.


Human-centred professionals.
Inclusive and collaborative.

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As care providers, we work alongside social workers, care coordinators, and local authorities to place vulnerable people safely in homes that can meet their needs completely. When government resources are stretched thin and local authorities and NHS teams work hard to maintain the essential services they provide, we act as an extension of their teams and case workers.

While we’re skilled at collaborating with social care professionals, we also take the time and consideration to ensure our residents’ relatives, friends, and loved ones are fully included in their transition and ongoing care. We make seemingly daunting aspects of residential care uncomplicated and foster relationships that mean we are approachable and reliable. We regard each case holistically and sensitively integrate each new resident, including those close to them and those working on their case. We firmly believe that a strong local community is at the core of each of our happy homes

What makes us unique

We’re one big family, learning
and growing together.

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Across our four care homes, we’re proud of our incredible staff and their skills and experiences that make us a trusted, safe place. Each team member takes pride and joy in their work; this dedication is the secret to the best possible care. Our people are at the forefront of all our operations thanks to their compassion and commitment.

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Here’s why residents, families, and local authorities trust us.

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It’s about more than allaying your fears. It’s about looking forward to the next chapter.

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We challenge that traditional care home model. Sure, there are key approaches and processes that are tried and trusted, and we always offer a reliable, familiar service. But we’re interested in breaking the mould, finding new solutions, seeing new perspectives, and adapting to give our residents, their families, and local authorities the best experience.

It’s all about community—how we work together and empower one another. Sfera Care aims to provide central hubs for staff, residents, and everyone else involved. This is how we cultivate happiness in the world of each of our residents.