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Independence and individuality 
in a charming setting.

In the cheery town of Chorley, Lancashire, Marley Court Nursing & Residential Home is a 46-room home that houses elderly residents along with younger adults with a range of abilities and needs, providing nursing and personal care.

At Marley Court, our approach is one of respect and dignity. We seek to encourage and celebrate independence where it’s beneficial and believe trust and communication are at the heart of delivering an excellent care plan. Our highly skilled staff take the time to understand each resident’s unique needs and offer care in a tailored, considerate, and friendly way.

A charming landscaped garden complete with a fountain provides ample outdoor space to relax in and play with grandchildren when visiting. A spacious conservatory is at the ready when the weather is colder.

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The home fully caters to physical disabilities, with a lift, wheelchair access, easy parking, and public transport links close by. Residents are welcome to furnish and decorate their rooms how they wish. Regular activities, including arts and crafts, live performances, and group day trips, encourage residents to explore hobbies and express themselves.

Aside from daily care and mobility, we aim to enrich the lives of residents at Marley Court, making it a home they feel is their own. Residents’ nutritional and dietary needs are cared for by a broad menu of options, so there’s something for whatever mood they’re in.

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A network of skills, resources,
and lived experience.

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Marley Court Nursing & Residential Home is just one of our four care homes across England. Our community spirit extends from our local central hubs, where each home fosters a spirit of togetherness. We are constantly developing and improving as a network, sharing our experiences, ideas, and innovations to ensure each of our homes provides the very best level of care we can offer as a provider.

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Asked Questions

What type of care home is Marley Court Nursing & Residential Home?

Marley Court Nursing & Residential Home is a residential care home suited to service users of a wide range of ages, including elderly residents and young adults, too. In terms of services, the home offers residential and nursing care as standard, along with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and physical disability specialist care.

How can I get to Marley Court Nursing & Residential Home?

The home is found right on Bolton Road in Chorley and is a stone’s throw from the M61. The home is well connected to Chorley by the 125 and 127 buses, with less than a ten-minute journey where you can catch a train from Chorley Train Station to Manchester or Preston, the latter of which is also just a 30-minute car drive.

What amenities are near Marley Court Nursing & Residential Home?

The home is very close to Duxbury Park, with its own golf course. A little way’s up the road and into Chorley, residents can enjoy a variety of shops, pubs, cafes, bars, and supermarkets.

Who should I contact with questions about Marley Court Nursing & Residential Home?

Before someone is placed in Marley Court Nursing & Residential Home, it’s best to contact us directly with queries so we can answer them promptly or direct you to the right person. After someone is placed, social workers and loved ones can contact the registered home manager to assist them.

How can I book a tour of Marley Court Nursing & Residential Home?

We’re more than happy to arrange a tour of any of our homes. Booking a tour is a great way to get the ‘feel’ of the place and decide whether it’s an atmosphere your relative or service user will feel comfortable in. It can also help to check the facilities are suitable.

Are your staff qualified to handle my relative’s needs?

We work with families and local authorities to ensure residents are only placed in our homes when their needs and best interest are completely met. Our staff are all qualified in the relevant certifications needed to meet the duty of care. Additionally, our staff are trained in specific tasks like delivering unique courses of medication and providing personal care.

Who is my point of contact at the home my relative resides in?

The registered house manager is the primary point of contact for the families and social workers of all our residents. Before you make a decision, you’ll have ample chance to get to know the house manager and discuss a method of communication that works for you.

Are there specific visiting hours

Understanding that everyone’s schedule is different, we want to give our residents and their families ample opportunity to see each other. We welcome visitors throughout the day at all of our homes. Contact a specific home to find out their individual visiting hours.

Do you have a waiting list for your homes?

Sometimes the demand for a place in our homes is high. We work with social services and local authorities to determine whether service users can and should be placed in our homes and manage waiting lists carefully to ensure the wait time is as short as possible.

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Bolton Rd, Heath Charnock, Chorley, PR7 4AZ
Marley Court 41
Message from the founders

It’s about more than allaying your fears. It’s about looking forward to the next chapter.

Our home hero

We challenge that traditional care home model. Sure, there are key approaches and processes that are tried and trusted, and we always offer a reliable, familiar service. But we’re interested in breaking the mould, finding new solutions, seeing new perspectives, and adapting to give our residents, their families, and local authorities the best experience.

It’s all about community—how we work together and empower one another. Sfera Care aims to provide central hubs for staff, residents, and everyone else involved. This is how we cultivate happiness in the world of each of our residents.