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Transitioning to a care home is a milestone in the winter years of any resident's life. But it's a time of turmoil for families too. At Sfera Care, we know this process doesn't need to be upsetting or stressful. In fact, we go one further and say it's something to look forward to.

All we do is seated on the core principles that guide us: innovation, community, and wellness. We’re innovators because we approach challenges as opportunities, embracing the wealth of technology at our disposal to find the best solutions and opportunities. We’re community-focused because we know the only way to success is by listening to every voice in the situation. Wellness is one of our priorities, for teams as well as residents, as happy, healthy teams are the key to outstanding care

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Sfera Care is a care provider approaching senior care differently. We reject the notion of rigid, traditional care systems in favour of an innovative, adaptive approach that meets the needs of residents, families, social care teams, and local authorities. We believe it’s possible to fulfil the best interests of everyone involved.

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More than allaying your fears, it’s about looking forward to the next chapter.

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We challenge that traditional care home model. Sure, there are key approaches and processes that are tried and trusted, and we always offer a reliable, familiar service. But we’re interested in breaking the mould, finding new solutions, seeing new perspectives, and adapting to give our residents, their families, and local authorities the best experience.

It’s all about community—how we work together and empower one another. Sfera Care aims to provide central hubs for staff, residents, and everyone else involved. This is how we cultivate happiness in the world of each of our residents.